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With things becoming more and more expensive it’s good to know where and how to cut costs in 2022. Fuel is a big expense for most of us, so we’ve compiled a few fuel-saving tips to help your budget go further. Need to change to a more fuel-efficient car? Visit Auto Mart today to find a wide range of affordable vehicles.


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Check your tyre pressure

Checking your tyre pressure is an easy way to reduce your fuel consumption. Start the new year by getting into the habit of reviewing your tyre pressure at regular intervals. Low tyre pressure creates extra drag, which means that the engine uses more fuel to produce additional power. Look at the manufacturer’s guidelines to determine how much inflation your tyres require.

Reduce additional weight

Is your car boot full of unnecessary stuff? Clean out your car and remove anything that you don’t need. Extra weight increases the drag, which causes a spike in your fuel consumption. You’ll benefit from a clean and spacious car while decreasing your fuel expenses at the same time.

Plan your trip

Take the time to plan your trip so that you can take the shortest route and miss the traffic. If you’re going to a few locations, avoid backtracking by deciding on the best order to visit each place in. Checking the directions before you set off to a new destination will save you the hassle and expense of getting lost. While a navigation system should keep you on track, it helps to have an idea of where you’re going so that you can avoid taking a wrong turn.

Share your ride

When it comes to fuel-saving tips, sharing your ride can save you a fortune. Contact other trustworthy parents at your children’s school and set up a lift club. Not only will you be saving money, but you’ll also be saving time and helping other parents out. Check if any of your colleagues live nearby and share lifts with them to work. You’ll benefit from having company on your way to the office and you’ll enjoy significant savings on petrol costs. Ride-sharing also reduces vehicle maintenance expenses.

Stick to the speed limit

Driving fast is dangerous and it also increases your vehicle’s fuel consumption. The drag increases at faster speeds, which means that the engine uses more fuel to propel your car. For each type of vehicle, there is a specific speed you shouldn’t exceed if you don’t want to be faced with a significant increase in fuel consumption. Keep your windows closed when you’re travelling on the highway. Open windows have a negative impact on the aerodynamics of your vehicle and cause an increase in the quantity of fuel that’s used.

Skip the traffic

While avoiding peak travel times can be tough, it can be achieved by putting in some effort. Assess the traffic times in your area to determine what time the roads start to get congested. Look for roads where there is less traffic so that you can avoid busy areas. Ask your employer if you can adjust your work times slightly to avoid busy travel times. If this isn’t possible, you can consider getting into work early anyway and catching up on emails and other tasks rather than wasting your time sitting in traffic.

Change your driving style

Aggressive driving and gear changes result in higher fuel consumption. Reduce your expenses by driving smoothly and consistently. Avoid accelerating and braking quickly unless it’s an emergency. Responsible driving saves fuel, keeps you safe, and decreases wear and tear on your car.

Maintain your vehicle

Keep your vehicle in good condition by taking it for services regularly. Carry out any maintenance or repairs as required. If your vehicle isn’t functioning at optimal efficiency, it uses more fuel. Small problems can also turn into expensive issues if they’re not attended to promptly.

Now that you’ve read our tips on fuel-saving, you can make it through every month without exceeding your budget. Find cars for sale on Auto Mart and enjoy great savings.

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