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Are Electric Cars Easier to Hack? Exploring their Safety and Security


Find out here if electric cars are easier to hack and how manufacturers are prioritising safety. Search and find electric cars for sale on Auto Mart. ...

How to Change Your Car's Oil - Keep Your Engine Running Smoothly!

Auto Mart General Information

Learn how to change your car's oil in a few simple steps. Follow this guide to keep your engine in top shape. Find cars for sale on Auto Mart. ...

The Benefits and Challenges of Owning a Car

Auto Mart General Information

Discover the benefits and challenges of owning a car. This guide form Auto Mart provides insights, tips, and solutions for navigating the process effectively. ...

Helpful Tips for Saving Money to Buy Your Next Car

Automotive Tips & Advice

Looking to buy your next car? Read our expert tips for saving money and finding affordable vehicles for sale in South Africa on Auto Mart....

Negotiating the Best Price on a New Car: Scoring a Great Deal

Automotive Tips & Advice

Looking for tips to negotiating the best price on a new car? Find out more here on how you score a great deal and buy new cars for sale on Auto Mart....

The Best Cars for Families: Top Picks for Safety, Space, and Comfort

Automotive Tips & Advice

See the top picks for the best cars for families, providing exceptional safety, ample space, and unparalleled comfort. Find these cars for sale on Auto Mart....

Test Drive a Car at a Dealership - A Guide to Help You

Automotive Tips & Advice

Did you know that you can test drive a car at a dealership before you decide to buy it? Read through to see the steps you can follow on Auto Mart....

Driving in South Africa: Essential Rules, FAQs, and Safety Tips

Auto Mart General Information

Auto Mart provide you with the essential rules, frequently asked questions, and valuable safety tips for driving in South Africa. Read this article here. ...

What should be in your car emergency kit?

Auto Mart General Information

Ensure road safety with a comprehensive car emergency kit. Stay prepared for any situation and potentially save lives on your journey with Auto Mart....

6 ways the weather affects your car

General Information

Weather affects your car in more ways than you might think. From scorching heat to torrential rainstorms, extreme weather conditions can have a sig...


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