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The cheap-cars section on Auto Mart was created for vehicles that are sold as-is (voetstoots), as well as vehicles that are sold for an amount lower than the average asking price of the vehicle. In this section, you’ll see that some of the vehicles will be marked as ‘Voetstoots Item’ while others will be marked as ‘Low-Priced Item’.

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On Auto Mart, a voetstoots item refers to a vehicle sold to you as is. This means that the seller won’t take any responsibility for any defects or problems on or in the vehicle after the vehicle has been sold to you.

It is your responsibility as the buyer to ensure that the vehicle is in a decent condition and that you are happy with it before making a purchase. You can ask for a roadworthy certificate before buying.

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Auto Mart makes use of comparisons to get the average price of a specific vehicle.

If a vehicle gets listed for an amount below the average price, it gets flagged as a low-priced vehicle and will be listed in the normal-cars section, as well as the cheap-cars section.

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You will still be able to search through all the other vehicles listed on Auto Mart in the normal-cars section. Simply click on ‘Not looking for Cheap Cars?’ or visit ‘New & Used Cars’ and start your search.

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You can also still set up alerts quickly and easily by filling in your email address at the bottom of the page in the ‘Get Alerts’ section or you can visit the ‘Get Alerts’ page on the menu and set up your alerts there.

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Top Tips for Staying Safe:

  • When buying a vehicle, check with your local police station that the car has not been reported stolen or do an AA Autocheck.
  • For personal ease and safety, always ensure that you take someone with you.
  • Meet in a public place and do not take any valuables with you.
  • Make yourself aware of common scams and fraud.
  • Report to us (link to applicable email address) any attempted fraud or suspicious emails, ads, or other activity by community members. In the case of fraud or illegal activity, we also recommend that you report it to the police.
  • Use common sense. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Find out if the dealer has a quality checking scheme or if the vehicles are inspected by the AA. Ask to see the report on the vehicle you want to buy. If none of the above exists, negotiate with the dealer to have the vehicle sent for a quality check.
  • When buying from a dealer, the law says that a vehicle must be of satisfactory quality and be as described.

Buying a voetstoots (sold as is) vehicle is usually cheaper, but may in some cases be risky because:

  • The vehicle might not belong to the seller. It is either a hire purchase or bank purchase.
  • It may be stolen.
  • It may not have been looked after, i.e. serviced regularly, the tyres changed and aligned.
  • You also have fewer legal rights. You can sue for your losses if the vehicle is not as described, however, you might not be able to find the seller.

Voetstoots vehicles typically does not have a warranty

Also, watch out for:

  • The same phone number in numerous ads. This could be a dealer.
  • When you phone about the vehicle, the seller says "which one?".
  • When you phone about the vehicle, the seller says "which one?".
  • A seller who wants to meet you somewhere with the vehicle, rather than you going to the seller's home, place of work, or dealership.
  • A deal that sounds too good to be true.

Danger signs you should also look out for:

  • When a deal seems to be too good to be true, beware. A seller who seems almost too keen to get rid of the item, even agreeing to a huge drop in asking price, should arouse suspicion.
  • The more complicated the deal becomes, the more likely that it is a scam.

Visit our Buying & Selling Tips page for more information.


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All advert data, including images, descriptions, and pricing on Auto Mart, is supplied by our advertising partners. All vehicles labelled "voetstoots" are sold as-is, including imperfections and damages in or on the vehicle at the date of purchase. Auto Mart, an affiliate of Junk Mail Publishing Pty Ltd, is not involved in the brokering of the deal between the advertiser and buyer, thus exempting itself from responsibility for any errors that may occur. It remains the sole responsibility of the advertiser.