Please take note of the following advert criteria and user policies when it comes to placing adverts on Auto Mart.

  • Only cars/bikes and related accessories and spares ads are to be placed on this platform.

  • Include a detailed description of the item to increase your ad quality and response.

  • Images of the item will increase your ad quality, please add as many as you wish with the following in mind:

    • Use original images, not generic/stock images
    • Ensure images are clear and not pixelated
    • Do not use watermarked images from other platforms.
  • Ads must contain both contact number and verifiable email address.

  • Only ads in English will be allowed.

  • Unique adverts may only be placed in one region and one category. No duplications will be allowed (this includes using the same image/text in various ads).

  • NO imported cars, unless you specifically state that they have all paperwork/import documents.

  • NO warnings or complaints against scammers or other ads as ad text.

  • NO ads indicating “takeover of instalments” on vehicle financing (wanted or on offer).

  • NO ads stating “Blacklisted/ITC clients welcome” (prohibited by the NCA).

  • NO ads mentioning the practice of/services for “mileage correction” on vehicles.

Dealership advertising

  • Refrain from using more than one account to advertise for the same dealership.
  • The dealership NAME and PHYSICAL ADDRESS must appear in the ad text.
  • NO vehicles to be advertised by several related dealerships, causing duplication of stock.
  • Remove old stock when sold and keep active ads relative to actual cars on the floor.
  • Ensure that vehicle specs in the ad text are accurate regarding make, model, mileage, automatic/manual etc.