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Why buying a car with cash in South Africa is a smart financial move

Auto Mart General Information

Is buying a car with cash in South Africa a better financial move than getting finance? Auto Mart shares more reasons why it's a smart financial move here....

Why Audi Cars Are Women Favorite: A Closer Look at Their Appeal


Auto Mart shares why Audi cars have become a favorite among women, highlighting their interior, exterior, engine, specs, and interesting facts. Read through. ...

Kia Sorento for Sale: Your Ticket to Adventure


Looking for a Kia Sorento for sale in South Africa? Check out our review of this SUV, including its exterior, interior, and specifications....

Customising Your Ride: Tips to Personalise Your Car


Do you feel like your vehicle doesn’t reflect your personality? Auto Mart provide you with some tips to personalize your car to suit your tastes....

Range Rover Evoque for Sale: The SUV of Your Dreams

Land Rover

Looking for a luxurious SUV with impressive performance? Find Range Rover Evoque for sale on Auto Mart. See why this vehicle is the perfect ride for you....

Understanding and minimising vehicle depreciation

Automotive Tips & Advice

Learn about vehicle depreciation, its impact on car ownership, factors affecting it, and strategies to minimise depreciation for long-term financial benefits....

Step into the Future of Driving: Buy a 2020 Kia Sportage on Auto Mart


Buy a 2020 Kia Sportage for sale on Auto Mart and step into the future of driving. Explore the exciting features and specs here for more information....

5 Safety Features in a Car That Are Transforming the Way We Drive

Automotive Tips & Advice

Explore the 5 safety features in a car revolutionising road safety then find a new ride on Auto Mart today....

2022 Volkswagen T-Roc: The Ultimate Combination of Style and Power


The 2022 Volkswagen T-Roc on Auto Mart is a stylish and powerful compact SUV. Read this article to see why it offers a perfect balance of performance....

Understanding the Different Types of Fuel Efficiency Ratings

Automotive Tips & Advice

Read Auto Mart's article on the ins and outs of Fuel Efficiency Ratings. Learn what they are, the challenges, and get tips to understand these ratings better....


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