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The Auto Mart online car marketplace offers the widest section of general classified vehicle listings in one place. We have over 100 000 cars listed on our website at any given time. Our website is designed to make searching for a car simple, and the details below will give you a basic understanding of how users can enjoy searching for cars on our website.

Searching for a car from the Auto Mart home page

Search from our Homepage

When you’re on the homepage, you are able to jump right in and perform an initial search that covers the following vehicle criteria:

Refine your Search on the Results Pages:

On completion of an initial search using the homepage search bar menu, users are then served a results page that will provide an initial set of search results. This page will also allow users to further filter their initial search results. Below is a list of all the search criteria available (if you started with a blank search), but the criteria shown will depend on what you’ve already selected.

  • Make
  • Model (Based on Make selected)
  • Model Variant (Based on Model selected)
  • Condition (New, Demo & Used)
  • Price
  • Vehicle Shape (e.g. Hatchback, Sedan, SUV, etc.)
  • Year of Manufacture
  • Drivetrain (FWD, RWD, AWD & 4x4)
  • Fuel type/Power supply (Petrol, Diesel, Electric & Hybrid)
  • Transmission (Manual & Automatic)
  • Colour
  • Maximum Mileage

Refine your vehicle search on the Auto Mart Search Results Page

Once users have made their necessary selections, they will then be served all the advert listings that have matched their filtered search criteria. Use all the search options to find your perfect match or use a broad search to gauge what cars are on the market.

With the biggest online car marketplace in South Africa, it makes sense to shop the biggest selection of cars on AutoMart.

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